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A lot of men postpone the treatment of alopecia because they cannot buy Propecia, or they do not have a prescription, or are lack of money. In fact, it is very easy to buy Propecia on the Online pharmacy. You are provided a help 24 hours. You can order Propecia online in any country.

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Buying Propecia online, you can track a transportation of your package during entire route. A convenient tool for tracking will show you where your order is, and when it will be arrived. The shipping within the territory of the USA usually takes 7 days, and a worldwide shipping takes about 14 days.

Placing an order you can be confident that your package will arrive in time and the pills will be of high quality. We supply the pills at wholesale-prices because we work directly with manufacturers. We do not need resellers who set extra charges. You buy only original medications at wholesale-prices with shipping. WE GUARANTEE IT!!!

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Cheap pills from India can be quality

Propecia you buy in the online pharmacy is supplied from India. It is impossible to find Generic Propecia in the USA pharmacies. It is no wonder because many companies supply low-quality pills from India, and people cannot cure of alopecia using these pills. Moreover, such pills often cause undesirable effects, and people should spend more money to treat these symptoms.

Due to this, many think that medications from India are bad and do not trust this source. But nowadays, the Indian pharmaceutical corporations take a leading place in the pharmaceutical industry. Plants with the most advanced equipment producing the most quality medications are located there.

We supply Propecia from these plants and do not work with “black” market. You can order Propecia on our website because we can prove the origin of the pills and their high quality.

Be sure that cheap Generic Propecia online is not worse than drugs you buy in the city pharmacies. The entire production on our website is tested by FDA and is supplied in the original packages.

Alopecia treatment is easy!

Many men are disappointed in modern products for the treatment of alopecia. A longstanding practice does not help to return the lost beauty, and the parts of alopecia grow every year.

Ointments, gels, natural vegetable additives do not help.

Be sure that a pharmaceutical method of the alopecia treatment is the most effective. Alopecia is caused by the internal diseases in 95%. In order to effectively treat alopecia, it is necessary to affect on the cause of a disease, and not symptoms.

Propecia (finasteride) neutralizes the main causes of the hair loss and restores a harmony in your body.

The action of the drug of Propecia is conditioned by the reduced production of dihydrotestosterone. An excessive amount of this hormone causes a destruction of hair follicles. Due to this, hair loss begins. Finasteride (an active ingredient) stops a destruction of hair follicles, so that hair growth is restored in men.

According to the results of the medical studies, the efficiency of the drug use is identical to a transplantation of hair follicles. But a transplantation of hair is expensive, and the procedure is painful, and the effect is kept within a short period.

After hair transplantation, the effect is kept within 2-3 years, and then hair is lost again. If the action of dihydrotestosterone is not reduced, the hair follicles will be affected.

“The use of Propecia gives an effect in more than 95% of cases”

Instructions for the use

In order to treat alopecia, you should have enough experience and knowledge. The “magic pills” that can solve your problem right away do not exist.  

Propecia  is released in pills for the oral use. If you take it for the first time, you should find out a strategy of the treatment. You should take thep ills every day, without skipping any dose.

The pills may be taken regardless of meals. Just stick to the scheme and follow the instructions.


Why is Propecia used every day?

Finasteride blocks a synthesis of dihydrotestosterone. If a dose is skipped, a concentration of the drug in the blood drops and the effect is reduced. In order to keep the maximal therapeutic effect, do not miss any dose.

In what dose is Propecia used?

It is easy to take Propecia. Take a pill every day. Every pill contains 1 mg Finasteride – an optimal daily dose which acts for most men. In rare cases, the does is increased up to 5 mg if any effect is absent.

Taking Propecia 5 mg a day, the maximal blocking of dihydrotestosterone happens, and a regeneration of the hair follicles occursfaster. But the maximal dose may be taken within 2-3 months. When the recovery process of hair is launched, the dose is lowered up to 1 mg a day.

“Do not expect a fast effect!”

Do not believe people who say that hair grows in a month. This is not true!!!

The recovery process of hair follicles takes at least 6 months.

  • At first, a production of dihydrotestosterone is reduced
  • Then the hair follicles grow and get nutritious elements
  • Hair roots are improved and hair loss is stopped
  • The effect may be noticed in 9-12 months. Healthy and strong hair should appear on the part of alopecia

In 12 months of the treatment, it is necessary to take a break. The hair loss is stopped forever in most men. The synthesis of dihydrotestosterone is gradually restored, but as the hair follicles are improved under the action of Finasteride, this hormone cannot provide such harmful action.

However, there are cases when alopecia has reoccurred in 3-6 months. In this case, the treatment is started again.

Myths about Propecia

  • Propecia is an intensive hormone product. Finasteride influences on the production of hormones but it does not contain male sexual hormones. Therefore, it does not cause any imbalance and is not dangerous for male body. Even if the drug is taken within a year every day, it will not cause a hormone imbalance
  • Finasteride causes gynecomastia. The use of Propecia is not related to the development of gynecomastia. On the contrary, the level of androgenic hormones drops during the treatment, and it means that a risk of induration in mammary glands is lower.
  • Propecia works during any type of alopecia. No, the drug works only during androgenic alopecia. It does not work during other types of alopecia.
  • Women may use Propecia. This is the biggest delusion. It does not treat alopecia in women, and moreover, it is dangerous for the female body. Women of the reproductive age are not even recommended to contact a pill. It is absorbed through the skin and may cause endocrine disorders even in low concentration. As a result, it may affect the reproductive function and reduce a risk of impregnation.

Undesirable Effects

Allergic reaction: rash, skin itching, edema of lips and faceLow potency and/or libido
Reduced concentration of prostate-specific antigenEjaculation disorder: reduced volume of ejaculate, ejaculation retention,
Dyspepsia and gastro-intestinal tract disorderPain in breast
Increase of LH and FSH in the blood

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    I just want to say – you, guys, do the best thing. I have ordered drugs on the Internet many times but I didn’t see such service. I receive bonus pills free of charge in every package. Cool! Thanks!

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    I always thought that the Internet sales cheat. Why are the prices on the Internet lower than in the official pharmacies? But I was wrong. First of all, the prices can be really lower, and secondly, I was sent original medications from India. Everything I bought here helped me, and I didn’t have doubts about the quality of the drugs. Check this out! I have already did it.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Most companies try to scam their customers on the Internet and set hidden payments or sell low-quality medications. But not in this place! I testes this website 3 times and I can tell that these guys work well. Do you need a consultation? No problems. Do you have problems with payment? – A representative of the pharmacy will solve any questions. And discounts – this is a real catch. I recommend it!

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