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Striving to achieve the improvement of sleeping disorders, patients look for Modafinil in their local drugstores. The price of the treatment is rather high, so not every patient has an opportunity to afford the medication course. However, currently Modafinil can be purchased online without prescription by each and every client at moderate price. All the reliable and experienced web-based pharmacies offer high-quality treatments at affordable prices and with extra services. Opt for rime-tested and appreciated online drugstores and you are sure to get a reasonable correlation of Modafinil price and quality, fast shipping, professional assistance, technical support, high confidentiality level and other advantages. Frequent cost reductions, sales and bonuses will make your shopping for pharmaceuticals even more beneficial.

Modafinil: Product Description

Modafinil is an exclusive medication, the innovative formula of which is effective to treat excess sleeping, promoted by narcolepsy, sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorders and other sleep-related conditions. Additionally, the drug can be administered in other cases, if recommended by a healthcare provider.

Directions and Recommendations for Modafinil Use

Consult your healthcare provider before Modafinil intake if you wish to benefit from its action and experience no side effects and new symptoms. A proper drug dose is halfway to successful treatment, thus, it is inevitable to administer Modafinil strictly following doctor’s recommendations. Keep in mind that Modafinil is a habit-forming medication, so its overuse or misuse can lead to addiction or lost effect. Use the medication at the same time every morning to warn daytime sleepiness. Take Modafinil pill an hour primarily to the beginning of the work shift to prevent work time sleep problems.

Modafinil treatment course is usually limited to 12 weeks of intake. Take the full treatment course to achieve the desirable effect. Continue drug administration even if your symptoms seem to improve.


The medication is prohibited for patients who are allergic to Modafinil, its active ingredients and similar treatments. Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding patients should avoid the medication use due to the possible birth defect and severe impacts it may produce on the health of nursing and unborn children. Additionally, discuss the following health problems with your doctor to make sure Modafinil treatment course is fully safe for you:

  • Kidney or liver diseases;
  • Cirrhosis and similar complications;
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure;
  • Severe heart issues;
  • History of heart stack, stroke and other complications;
  • Angina;
  • Mental disorders;
  • Alcoholism or drug abuse, etc.

Modafinil should be taken extremely cautiously with these conditions, following all the recommendations and instructions of a healthcare provider. Any slight difference in the dose or intake adjustments may lead to serious health problems and abnormalities.

Possible Side Effects

Seek emergency medical assistance once you have noticed any symptoms of Modafinil misuse or overuse, including:

  • Allergic reactions (hives, rashes, difficult breathing, etc.);
  • Fever, swallowing problems;
  • Swelling of different parts of the body;
  • Jaundice;
  • Anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders;
  • Severe chest pain, uneven heartbeat, trouble breathing;
  • Aggression, hostility, hallucinations and similar problems.


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