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diet pillsDiet Pills for Healthy Weight Loss

These days, there are many people who suffer from being obese, and that’s why most of them decided to start taking special weight loss pills. They are often prescribed to patients as their additional tool to lose fat faster and more effectively. They need to use other tools in addition to this kind of treatment, including their healthy diet plan and regular exercises. Before taking any steps, it’s necessary to consult with qualified physicians.

Basic Details to Learn

If you want to buy weight loss/diet pills, you have only a few approved choices. It’s no wonder some people decide to take different herbal meds and dietary supplements, but they need to understand that most of these products are not studied and researched in terms of their safety and effectiveness. If you have serious medical risks, taking prescription weight loss pills can be an effective option, especially if you suffer from diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol levels and so on. However, it’s not advisable to use such meds as your substitute for regular exercises and healthy meals. Keep in mind that most of those diet pills that work by suppressing your appetite are called anorexiants.

List of Available Diet Pills

Before making a final decision, you should get a better idea of available weight loss pills known for their safety and effectiveness among many patients:

  1. Adipex is an anorectic appetite suppressant.
  2. Belviq works by promoting the feeling of fullness and satiety.
  3. Alli is a non-prescription medication that inhibits fat absorption in the intestines.
  4. Bontril is an effective anorectic appetite suppressant.
  5. Meridia is an anorectic.
  6. Didrex is an appetite suppressant.
  7. Qsymia is available in the form of extended-release capsules, and it’s a great combination of anorectic and appetite suppressant effects, but its exact mechanism of action is unknown.
  8. Desoxyn is an appetite suppressant, but you should take it cautiously because of a high risk of developing an addiction.
  9. Suprenza is an effective appetite suppressant.
  10. Xenical is a prescription of Alli, and it contains a higher dosage of its active ingredient. This diet pill works by inhibiting fat absorption in the intestines.
  11. Diethylpropion is an anorectic drug.
  12. Contrave works by boosting your metabolism, suppressing appetite and affecting the central nervous system.

Effectiveness of Diet Pills

The main thing all patients need to understand is that they are not effective for everyone. For example, their intake often results in 5-10% fat loss when taken as a part of their healthy exercise and diet programs. All obese people should try to lose fat through dieting plans and regular exercises, so that special weight loss pills can be taken only in serious cases when other tools are not as effective as needed, or when users have specific health risks associated with their excess weight. For pregnant or nursing women, the intake of these medications is not recommended.

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